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happy anniversary

12 Sep

today my parents celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary. i’m pretty sure they didn’t give each other any coral or jade, as is tradition, but back on their big day they did stay true to form, with two staples of any wedding: custom cocktail napkins and matchbooks.

because the napkins only have their nicknames and no date in a casual typeface, they’re pretty versatile. perfect for cocktail parties over the years that followed or various feasts and fetes. the matchbooks, with their names and wedding date foil stamped on the cover are a bit more formal, but a completely useful keepsake.

i always endorse little custom touches like these. my go-to resource for all things custom foil-stamped is for your party. the color options are endless and the product is always top notch. order extras, since you can keep using them after the wedding and throughout the marriage!