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a very special “tunes”day

31 May

my dear friends are getting married this summer (can’t wait) and came up with a very fun way to pick their first dance song. since they don’t have a special song, but love music, they invited their musically-inclined friends and family to submit their song suggestions. i turned in a few cds, no song names, no artists listed, so they’d really listen. others submitted a single song pick. all contributions were culled and vetted, and randomly placed in a 64-song bracket.

we gathered for an afternoon of conversation and debate to reach the final four. from those top picks we’re all choosing the track which we think the bride and groom will ultimately play for their first dance as newlyweds.

well, when i did my original draft, i had four entirely different songs in the finals — i’d actually even picked out the one song of the entire bracket i’d have them dance to — so now i’m stuck. i need your help folks!


“tunes”day: ‘you and i’

24 May

i love stevie wonder so much that it’s been hard to choose just one of his songs to post. so i’ll keep delaying that inevitable inner turmoil and select a cover of one of his songs, by another one of my favorite artists: michael bublé.

i spent my birthday with michael, you know. sadly, we weren’t alone. thousands of strangers were there too, and instead of an intimate venue, it was madison square garden. but it was a special night, and this is a special song. the kind that gets you down in your gut and pulls at those heart strings. the kind that would be a top notch choice for your first dance. the kind that justifies you getting dance lessons so you and your honey look as smooth as it sounds when it’s playing at your reception.

“tunes”day: ‘hard to concentrate’

17 May

word on the street is that anthony kiedes wrote this as a wedding proposal for flea and his girlfriend. whether or not that’s fact or fiction, this song is a keeper. i love the percussion, the mellow beat but with that hook playing like it’s circling the back of my brain, and that iconic voice.

“finally you found have found someone perfect. and finally, you have found yourself.” …i heart that line.

ch ch ch charleston, part 2

15 May

yesterday i posted some of my favorite wedding venues in charleston, south carolina. today, i’m back with my favorite culinary destinations around town that are great for weddings, rehearsal dinners, sunday brunches, or just a romantic dinner por deux!

where to eat, drink, be merry:
mccrady’s: this is fabulous spot to host your rehearsal dinner (just like these two did). The wine and food are amazing, and the building is listed as a national landmark.

husk restaurant: be a trend-setter by hitting up this new spot in town (and a sister to mccrady’s). everything on the menu is prepared using 100 percent local ingredients, and the guys can head over to the whiskey bar next door when the convo takes a girly turn.

fig: short for food is good, this place specializes in local, seasonal food. i was smitten with the tastiness of everything, including the cocktails — they have a “make your own” manhattan bar. plus, their menus and paper goods are local too—designed by stitch design co.

high cotton: the different rooms here hold between 15 and 80 people and welcome you into the warm space, located on a great corner of broad street. and the lowcountry cuisine keeps you there. it’s a great place to try pork belly if you haven’t already.

planters inn & peninsula grill… like coconut? order chef robert carter’s famous “ultimate coconut cake” or get married at the hotel and serve it as your wedding cake. you can order one every year for your anniversary, since they ship!

caviar & bananas… If you’re getting married in town and need a caterer, put these guys at the top of your list. if you’re in town and hungry, stop by. part catering kitchen, part café, part event space, and part store, your stomach will thank you.

fish restaurant… four words: goat cheese spring rolls. chef nico romo infused the menu with regional french cuisine, and overall yumminess. if you’re in the area (upper king street) and feeling peckish around lunch time, swing in for their special and order a moo shu wrap.

get the heritage passport so you can visit all of the old homes and sights.

visit drayton hall. yes, in the past they hosted wedding (like this one), but due to preservation it’s no longer available as a venue. but visit it nonetheless.

get pampered! guys, go to old south barber spa. girls, head to the cos bar.

looking to get spoiled? head to crogan’s jewelbox for jewelry, estate silver, and other sparkling treasures.

yeah, it’s kinda cheesy, but it makes more sense in charleston than new york city: take a guided tour of the city on a horse-drawn carriage, like with palmetto carriage company.

or travel by foot. i’d suggest walking as much of king street as possible. from the battery at the bottom, by all of the old homes, through the main shopping strip, and up to the growing design district of upper king.

ch ch ch charleston, part 1

14 May

charleston is one of the most popular wedding destinations in the united states. i think i once heard that it’s right up there on the list after vegas, but ever since i haven’t been able to track that stat down. regardless, it should be.

i’ve been lucky enough to venture down there twice in the last five months and have found some spots ideal for weddings, honeymoons, and weekend excursions with your family, honey, or gal pals. and while you might find my little round ups helpful, don’t forget about the tourism board and their site, which offers tons more of information.

here, some of my favorite places great for holding wedding ceremonies and receptions:

william aiken house: this venue is stunning in every way. if a landmarked property, restaurant, and a courtyard had a baby, they’d name it william aiken house (and that’s pretty much what it is). and that scene in the the notebook where she’s trying in on her dress? you can say you cut your cake in that very same room.

circa 1886 and wentworth mansion: can rent out the hotel (there are 21 rooms total) and host your intimate nuptials in the courtyard before heading inside to the romantic restaurant for the reception. chef marc collins prepares great southern fare with a twist — in a lighter way — that your guests will love. i know i couldn’t get enough of the modified pear cobbler he made. delish!

the mills house hotel: your portraits would look beautiful with this salmon-exterior historic hotel as your backdrop. and, their grand chandelier is quite impressive.

middleton place: the grounds are right on the water and the camellia garden is stunning. need proof? take a look. plus, they have peacocks, water buffalo, and some other creatures roaming around the farm area that is still set up as it would have been in the olden days.

the american theater: how about holding your reception in an art-deco theater? talk about glamorous.

legare waring house: this place, with its gorgeous old house, sprawling green lawns, and ancient-looking trees, would be an amazing place to say “i do.” i loved the lawn of trees in the back in particular, which reminded me of a park in london.

founder’s hall: surrounded by natural beauty, this modern site’s clean lines and simple interior let you create your own vibe.

white point gardens: the gazebo in the middle of this park is perfect for smaller weddings. it’s right on the water, too, so you’ll have pretty views of the harbor and historic mansions. but remember that it is a public space, so you’ll have to be ok with some extra guests wandering by (but everyone there’s so nice! so it’s not such a big deal).

tomorrow, i’ll be back with tasty dining options around town and some other miscellaneous spots.