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“tunes”day: ‘happiness is you’

29 Jan


when i think if epic romances, johnny cash and june carter always come to mind. and when i think of soulful voices and great lyrics, the man in black certainly makes the list. you might think that a man whose biggest hits are about prison and fire couldn’t be a good fit for a wedding, but after one listen to ‘happiness is you’ and you’ll be thinking otherwise. i love the line “i know now my pot of gold is anywhere you are” and how simple he makes it.


“tunes”day: ‘love on top’

22 Jan


i can’t help but love beyonce’s ‘love on top’ because it always puts me in such a good mood. and who wouldn’t want that kinda song and feeling at a wedding? i think it’d be a pretty good song to play while you cut the cake. not too sweet, not too slow. and it’ll get people wanting to hit the dancefloor again.

“tunes”day: ‘wanted’

15 Jan


it’s time to go a bit country. i don’t think i’ve covered a song with any semblance of a real twang yet, so without further ado, i present ‘wanted’ by hunter hayes. this youngster’s got a hit song with this one. love it for a first dance, or any slow dance during the reception. give it a listen, i bet you’ll be wanting ‘wanted’ too.