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“tunes”day: ‘dance with me’

9 Oct

a lot of people ask me for suggestions for father/daughter dance songs. it you don’t have a song that’s meaningful to you, it can be somewhat tricky to find a song that’s a good pace and not too lovey-dovey that it’s weird for a bride to dance with her dad to. so may i suggest ‘dance with me’ by orleans. it’s a bit of a throwback slow jam, which is always good too for hitting the dance floor with pops.


angela + tony featured on snippet and ink

3 Oct

i’m super excited to share that angela and tony’s chic manhattan wedding is featured on the newly redesigned (and always awesome) snippet & ink blog! if you like coral and grey, new york city, peonies, loft spaces, and/or a bit of glitz, this one’s for you.

working with this couple was a true pleasure and i’m so proud to showcase their style and this special fete with everyone. a big thanks to stylish and hip weddings for the lovely pics!

“tunes”day: ‘more today than yesterday’

2 Oct

i was listening to the radio recently and ‘more today than yesterday’ by the spiral starecase came on. it’s a song i’ve heard a lot, but never really committed to. i immediately downloaded it and decided to share its brilliance with you today. this song is from the late 1960’s. it’s simple, it’s sweet, and it’s endearing. i think walking back up the aisle to this one would be pretty cheerful, don’t you?