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playing the game

22 Jun

i’m all about a festive bridal shower game or two. not necessarily the “dress out of toilet paper” type, but i can certainly get into a game of registry bingo.

i recently helped out with my dear friend’s shower, and offered to provide the entertainment. first up was a matching game, which i set out on each place setting for guests to fill out as everyone got settled in. you can see the game below. i listed the famous ladies and left blanks for their other halves. some had more than one correct answer, which got everyone talking. think you know all the answers?

after the first course of lunch was served, a second game was passed out. this one featured a handful of multiple-choice questions about the bride-to-be and her fiance. it was a mix of tidbits about her youth, the couple’s courtship, and where they’re going on their honeymoon. at the top of the sheet i got a little witty and wrote: before you eat some more… let’s see who’ll get the highest score. pick an answer from a through d, for questions about the bride-to-be! after that one, everyone was well-briefed on the duo!