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annie + olly featured in martha stewart weddings

5 Sep

it’s been a really exciting week for shiramisu! it kicked off with one an online feature and just a few days later i’m honored to share a wedding from march of this year that’s now been published in print (and online) via the fall 2011 issue of martha stewart weddings.

annie and olly’s wedding was a true vision. every detail fit in place perfectly and it was an honor to work with the couple to produce their dream wedding. the magazine is out now, so be sure to check it out. it’s also online, with a few extra photos added to their gallery.

Photographs by Thayer Allyson Gowdy/Martha Stewart Weddings, Fall 2011. Copyright © 2011.

Photograph by Bela Adler and Salvador Fresneda/Martha Stewart Weddings, Fall 2011. Copyright © 2011.


kim + titus featured on 100 layer cake

30 Aug

just over two years ago i had the pleasure of working on the amazing wedding of kim and titus at gramercy park hotel. the hotel’s roof terrace already packs a dramatic punch with its decor and furnishings, so we didn’t have to do much except add flowers and plenty of candlelight. a classic photobooth was a huge hit (duh) and kim surprised titus with a traditional chinese lion dance about halfway through the reception. gotta love a bride with a plan. cheers to the happy couple! it was an honor to be a part of your big day.

you can see the full feature over on 100 layer cake. thanks to heather waraska for sharing her gorgeous photos!

playing the game

22 Jun

i’m all about a festive bridal shower game or two. not necessarily the “dress out of toilet paper” type, but i can certainly get into a game of registry bingo.

i recently helped out with my dear friend’s shower, and offered to provide the entertainment. first up was a matching game, which i set out on each place setting for guests to fill out as everyone got settled in. you can see the game below. i listed the famous ladies and left blanks for their other halves. some had more than one correct answer, which got everyone talking. think you know all the answers?

after the first course of lunch was served, a second game was passed out. this one featured a handful of multiple-choice questions about the bride-to-be and her fiance. it was a mix of tidbits about her youth, the couple’s courtship, and where they’re going on their honeymoon. at the top of the sheet i got a little witty and wrote: before you eat some more… let’s see who’ll get the highest score. pick an answer from a through d, for questions about the bride-to-be! after that one, everyone was well-briefed on the duo!

a work of art?

29 Jan

last year my friends got engaged. he set up quite an elaborate scheme to get her to the metropolitan museum of art, and proposed in front of one of their favorite paintings. the full story is much better than this, i swear.

well a few months later there was an engagement party and i wanted to come up with a fun way of wrapping their present. they’re fun people, so i had to step it up a bit. i found a few extra new york subway maps in my apartment and thought they’d be perfect. i carefully wrapped the box so that the special landmark was on the top and i wrote right on the map. it was a great way of covering their gift, honoring their story, and making it personal.

the inside was just as fun—sorry i don’t have a photo. i got them a pair of really fun beach towels from their registry (thus the importance of registering early), and put them in the box with a deflated beach ball that i had blown up and scribbled my well wishes on to first. i always try to give puns with my gifts, so i’m pretty sure i told them to “have a ball” during their engagement. maybe one day i’ll do a post about all the punny gifts i’ve given…

livin’ la vida logo

29 Jan

last year, when i decided to create shiramisu, i knew i needed a logo. one that i could use on business cards, stationery, and online. as a lover of all things type—and particularly calligraphy—it was no easy task deciding what i wanted my logo to look like. but i went with my gut, choosing to have it calligraphed. i loved the idea of it seeming handwritten yet formal, classic, kinda girly, and completely lower case (have you noticed my aversion to caps yet?). but how would i choose a calligrapher? so many to choose from! so many styles!

well actually, about a year ago today i emailed bryn chernoff of paperfinger (who i had just worked with on a fun project) and took it from there. bryn sent me a half dozen options, and we merged a few bits and pieces together to create the logo you see at the top of the window. of course i hemmed and hawed the whole time, because logos are important, and i wanted it to be perfect. and now, i’m smitten. i turned it into a rubber stamp, which i use on my business cards. it tops the letterhead i use to correspond with clients. and i love it as the background on my twitter page.

to see what bryn’s up to, and what she’s listening to, check out her blog, paper tastebuds.