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a bellissima bag for the bride-to-be

11 Jul

my friend recently had a bridal shower. she’s part of a group of girls i’ve known for more than 20 years, so giving her a basic kitchen item off her registry didn’t feel appropriate–especially since i know she’s not much of a cook.

instead, us gals put together a tote-ally awesome bag of goodies that we knew she’d actually use and enjoy.

2photo 1

we had to celebrate her new monogram with a bag perfect for the honeymoon and her new last name. this one, by boulevard, is the “friday” style. it’s lightweight, durable, and has a zipper to keep everything inside during the flight. the monogramming is included in the price and they have a slew of fonts to choose from, five different colors of nylon, and eight options for the personalization colors. we went with a cherry bag and silver foil.

then we stuffed the thing full-—with items meant for her honeymoon in italy.


• his and hers neck pillows for the few hours they’ll log on the airplane.
• a trio of goodies from their future destination to get the bride and groom even more excited for their trip: • a bottle of chianti and a duo of candies i picked up at eataly.
• an itunes gift card so they can stock up on movies for the long flight.
• a miss now mrs gift card to help with the name-changing process post-wedding.
• a headphone splitter so they can share the ipad and watch those movies together.
• imprinted luggage tags for each of them, so there’s no confusion on the luggage carousel.
• a handbook on italy and a petite phrasebook to help cross that language barrier.


that’s so punny

16 Jan

the object of a gift registry is to let everyone know the items that you want and need to add to your nest as a married couple. so theoretically, you should be thrilled to get anything on it. but sometimes i’m not so smitten with anything in particular, i seize the opportunity to creatively group items into a pun-worthy arrangement. because then at least it feels like a gift from me, and not just an item that’s been “fulfilled.”

so i thought i’d share some of my personal faves, most of which i’ve given for engagement gifts, bridal shower goodies, or presents for the big day. if you’re a pun-lover like myself, take note!

1. buy everything (or as much as your budget allows) on the registry with a handle. i usually go for all the utensils, measuring cups and spoons, and the like. your card should say something like: married life, you can HANDLE it.

2. pick up all the goodies you need to successfully make a cake: mixing bowls, measuring spoons and cups, wooden spoon, cake pan, maybe a cake server and pedestal. why not throw a box of cake mix in too, so everything’s ready to be put into action. sign the card: for you guys, married life will be a piece of cake!

3. picture frames. that’s it. nothing else. make a card that fits inside each (way better looking than some randoms in a photo that looks like it was taken in the 90s). it doesn’t have to be fancy. but it does have to say “picture perfect”.

4. i’ve noticed that the sheets are typically some of the last items on a registry to get fulfilled. beats me. so get them while you can and sign off with “HOLY SHEET! you’re getting married!”

5. the last one a bit too bold for ya? here’s a tamer one. this one works when the couple has perhaps already received some of their dinnerware and stemware. scoop up the remaining plates and wine glasses (and a bottle of wine) and tell them that just because they’re married they can’t forget to wine and dine each other. keep that romance going!

in the bag

21 Aug

looking for a gift to give your girls? what about a customized tote bag? longchamp offers great customizing options. pick out different color combinations for each of your bridesmaids and put their names on them in either embroidery or embossing. it’s a great gift to give ahead of time, so they can use them to carry all of their stuff to the bridal suite to have handy when they get all dolled up.

you can pick from a few shapes and sizes within the “le pliage” series of bags and pouches. i designed this one in a flash, choosing to keep it all in one color and have my name stitched on in white. the total? $185 and it’d arrive within 5 weeks.

put a lid on it

10 Feb

looking for a box to store your wedding bits and bobs? whether you’re still in the planning stages, or thinking of something to store your keepsakes in after the big day, you should find a nice lidded box to stash on your shelf. but nice doesn’t have to be boring. there are lots of color options out there these days and plenty of sizes and shapes too. just be sure to check if the boxes are acid-free if you plan on using them for the long haul, as that means what goes in the box lasts well into your golden years together. pretty boxes are also great to keep you stationery in while you write your thank you notes, because you can stash your stamps and a pen or two inside. gift a pretty box by filling it with sentimental items like photos or a frame to your bridesmaids. you might not even have to wrap them if you just use pretty ribbon. and don’t forget that the first anniversary is the “paper” anniversary!

here, three of my favorite companies:

bigso boxes.



a work of art?

29 Jan

last year my friends got engaged. he set up quite an elaborate scheme to get her to the metropolitan museum of art, and proposed in front of one of their favorite paintings. the full story is much better than this, i swear.

well a few months later there was an engagement party and i wanted to come up with a fun way of wrapping their present. they’re fun people, so i had to step it up a bit. i found a few extra new york subway maps in my apartment and thought they’d be perfect. i carefully wrapped the box so that the special landmark was on the top and i wrote right on the map. it was a great way of covering their gift, honoring their story, and making it personal.

the inside was just as fun—sorry i don’t have a photo. i got them a pair of really fun beach towels from their registry (thus the importance of registering early), and put them in the box with a deflated beach ball that i had blown up and scribbled my well wishes on to first. i always try to give puns with my gifts, so i’m pretty sure i told them to “have a ball” during their engagement. maybe one day i’ll do a post about all the punny gifts i’ve given…