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“tunes”day: ‘make you feel my love’

8 Mar

i love adele. there’s not one song of hers i wouldn’t/couldn’t listen to endlessly. i wish i had her voice, but even though i don’t, i sing along and dream i do. that’s how good her music is…it makes me think i’m a much better singer than i am.

though i’m currently obsessing over her latest cd, 21, one of my fave songs EVER is from her previous disk, 19.

yes folks, i think this is one of my top five songs. a rare gem. true, like rob gordon in high fidelity, i have many top five song lists, but this is on the top of the tops: her cover of bob dylan’s ‘make you feel my love’.

this is an ultimate wedding song. it gives me chills!


oh darling

2 Mar

recently beth helmstetter asked me if i’d like to share some tips on how to improve the chances of getting a wedding published in print or online. i was happy to oblige and share some scoop with the readers of her digital magazine, darling.

check it out, and when you’re done reading my article be sure to flip through the other pages because beth’s culled together lots of great stuff for this issue.

i’m in quite good company on the contributors’ page above, and am honored that beth selected images from one of my fave photogs, aaron delesie, to accompany my tips!

if at first you don’t succeed, tripod tripod again

2 Mar

you may have mastered the self-portrait. the whole “flip the camera upside-down, stand on the right side of whomever you’re taking a photo with, and presto!” extended arm shot.

but really, is that how you want to remember your entire honeymoon? negative. you can hire a photographer to snap you and your honey throughout your wedding day, but what about what comes after the sparkler sendoff? get yourself a gorillapod and learn how to use your self-timer. heck, you can register for the flexible tripod and a great camera (i suggest a canon rebel or a lumix)!

i also think that it’d also make a great “travel accessories” gift at a shower. pair it with custom monogrammed leather luggage tags, an extra tote to pack for the souvenirs, and a really great guide book.

“tunes”day: ‘hallelujah, i love her so’

1 Mar

this week’s tune is a bit more upbeat. the kinda song that has you tapping your foot and maybe even swaying a bit. don’t hide it, everyone’s doing it.

if you want a faster first dance song may i suggest you take a listen to “hallelujah, i love her so” by ray charles. one of the nice things about this song is it’s on the shorter side, so if you’re not into having your guests watch you dance to a seemingly endless song, this one could be for you.

another option? play this when you enter the reception. let it play for a bit and then enter during the chorus.