“tunes”day: ‘everlong (acoustic)’

7 Jan


my dear friend tied the knot back late last year. a beautiful destination wedding across the board. but of course, one of my favorite details was the music. one big stand out? the acoustic rendition of foo fighter’s ‘everlong’ performed live by a vocalist and guitarist. it hadn’t crossed my mind to have this song for a first dance, but after being lucky enough to hear the sound check earlier in the day, i knew it’d be perfect. and it was.


a bellissima bag for the bride-to-be

11 Jul

my friend recently had a bridal shower. she’s part of a group of girls i’ve known for more than 20 years, so giving her a basic kitchen item off her registry didn’t feel appropriate–especially since i know she’s not much of a cook.

instead, us gals put together a tote-ally awesome bag of goodies that we knew she’d actually use and enjoy.

2photo 1

we had to celebrate her new monogram with a bag perfect for the honeymoon and her new last name. this one, by boulevard, is the “friday” style. it’s lightweight, durable, and has a zipper to keep everything inside during the flight. the monogramming is included in the price and they have a slew of fonts to choose from, five different colors of nylon, and eight options for the personalization colors. we went with a cherry bag and silver foil.

then we stuffed the thing full-—with items meant for her honeymoon in italy.


• his and hers neck pillows for the few hours they’ll log on the airplane.
• a trio of goodies from their future destination to get the bride and groom even more excited for their trip: • a bottle of chianti and a duo of candies i picked up at eataly.
• an itunes gift card so they can stock up on movies for the long flight.
• a miss now mrs gift card to help with the name-changing process post-wedding.
• a headphone splitter so they can share the ipad and watch those movies together.
• imprinted luggage tags for each of them, so there’s no confusion on the luggage carousel.
• a handbook on italy and a petite phrasebook to help cross that language barrier.

ch ch charleston, part 3

25 Mar

it’s no secret i love charleston. i’ve been quite a few times in the last few years and even shared some of my favorite wedding spots and other culinary musts. well i recently visited my beloved southern city yet again and discovered a few more destinations that i suggest anyone considering a trip check out.

first of all, you’re going to need a nice place to stay. look no further than zero george—a recently restored and newly-opened boutique hotel in a beautiful historic property. kudos to lynn and her  husband dean on dreaming this one up. the location is great too, with it being close to downtown and among the charming homes of the ansonborough neighborhood. and yes, that’s the beautiful room i had the privilege of staying in when i was there. could it be any lovelier? or more conducive to the best sleep you could ask for?

photo by corbin gurkin

speaking of ansonborough, make a reservation at anson’s, just a few blocks away. the staff and food are equally delightful.

the macintosh on king street is a new spot not to be missed. it’s busy without being loud and the food and drinks all sound so good it’s hard to choose. the best move? go with a few people so you can order a few dishes and share. the cocktail club upstairs is a fun lounge and they made a pretty mean manhattan with rye.

want a break from the traditional southern fare? try xiao bao biscuit, for some asian soul food. order the okonomiyaki with egg. you’ll thank me later.

i had never experienced chicken and waffles, and when i reviewed the menu at the rarebit it was obvious that i wouldn’t be able to resist. the result? a blissful plate of one strange yet delightful combination.

my final suggestion is one i only found out about on my final day in town (thanks sideshow press for the tip!). but i know it’ll be one of the first places i go to on my next trip. after all, coffee is the one thing i can’t start my day without. black tap brews good joe and ambiance. i wanted to sit in the sunny cafe and people watch for hours.

i’m already thinking of my next trip to the holy city. it’s never soon enough, and there are always new places to unearth and new months to experience the city during. i’m excited about future trips to check out cannon green, which is a new urban venue in the works that will house a pretty big guest list smack in the middle of the city.

“tunes”day: ‘happiness is you’

29 Jan


when i think if epic romances, johnny cash and june carter always come to mind. and when i think of soulful voices and great lyrics, the man in black certainly makes the list. you might think that a man whose biggest hits are about prison and fire couldn’t be a good fit for a wedding, but after one listen to ‘happiness is you’ and you’ll be thinking otherwise. i love the line “i know now my pot of gold is anywhere you are” and how simple he makes it.

“tunes”day: ‘love on top’

22 Jan


i can’t help but love beyonce’s ‘love on top’ because it always puts me in such a good mood. and who wouldn’t want that kinda song and feeling at a wedding? i think it’d be a pretty good song to play while you cut the cake. not too sweet, not too slow. and it’ll get people wanting to hit the dancefloor again.