“tunes”day: forrest gump suite

21 Jun

i remember watching forrest gump in the theatre and then driving to the store shortly thereafter to purchase the double-disk soundtrack. it’s filled to the brim with awesome songs, but one of my favorites has to be alan silvestri’s instrumental score. you know the one… the song that plays when the feather is flying off his shoe and into the atmosphere. all strings, pianos, and loveliness.

think about it for a ceremony song. if you can hire live music to play it i bet you’ll have some guests in tears. if your name is jenny, you almost have to play this as you walk down the aisle (and put a “jenny, you’re my girl” reference in the program).

float on.


One Response to ““tunes”day: forrest gump suite”

  1. Jeremy Harwell 07.31.2011 at 3:07 pm #

    I agree! It’s such a great soundtrack!

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