are shoe for real?

24 Feb

i love shoes. shopping for them, not so much. because i’ll either want to see them with certain pants/skirts/dresses and bring them home only to realize how wrong they are. or i’ll fall in love with a pair in the store only to find out they don’t have them in my size.

but shoe shopping online has become one of my new past times. sure, it lacks the immediacy of buying a pair and being able to wear them instantly, but i never have to schlep them around for the rest of the day while i finish my errands.

one of the main reasons i love online shoe shopping is because they come straight to my home, i can try them on with the contents of my closet, and if i don’t like them, i just box them up and send them back. one of the other reasons is  because of one of my fave word pairings: free + shipping. in BOTH directions.

zappos, endless, and piperlime are the three musketeers of my shoe collection. they unite to bring joy to me and my closet. though each offers something a the other doesn’t. zappos has the couture outpost. i love the search offerings at endless. and piperlime is owned by the gap, so i get points on my banana republic card every time i buy something there.

if you’re not looking for shoes, but might be on the hunt for the perfect going-out clutch or a new pair of earrings? you’re in luck, because all three sell clothing and/or accessories!



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