livin’ la vida logo

29 Jan

last year, when i decided to create shiramisu, i knew i needed a logo. one that i could use on business cards, stationery, and online. as a lover of all things type—and particularly calligraphy—it was no easy task deciding what i wanted my logo to look like. but i went with my gut, choosing to have it calligraphed. i loved the idea of it seeming handwritten yet formal, classic, kinda girly, and completely lower case (have you noticed my aversion to caps yet?). but how would i choose a calligrapher? so many to choose from! so many styles!

well actually, about a year ago today i emailed bryn chernoff of paperfinger (who i had just worked with on a fun project) and took it from there. bryn sent me a half dozen options, and we merged a few bits and pieces together to create the logo you see at the top of the window. of course i hemmed and hawed the whole time, because logos are important, and i wanted it to be perfect. and now, i’m smitten. i turned it into a rubber stamp, which i use on my business cards. it tops the letterhead i use to correspond with clients. and i love it as the background on my twitter page.

to see what bryn’s up to, and what she’s listening to, check out her blog, paper tastebuds.


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