a work of art?

29 Jan

last year my friends got engaged. he set up quite an elaborate scheme to get her to the metropolitan museum of art, and proposed in front of one of their favorite paintings. the full story is much better than this, i swear.

well a few months later there was an engagement party and i wanted to come up with a fun way of wrapping their present. they’re fun people, so i had to step it up a bit. i found a few extra new york subway maps in my apartment and thought they’d be perfect. i carefully wrapped the box so that the special landmark was on the top and i wrote right on the map. it was a great way of covering their gift, honoring their story, and making it personal.

the inside was just as fun—sorry i don’t have a photo. i got them a pair of really fun beach towels from their registry (thus the importance of registering early), and put them in the box with a deflated beach ball that i had blown up and scribbled my well wishes on to first. i always try to give puns with my gifts, so i’m pretty sure i told them to “have a ball” during their engagement. maybe one day i’ll do a post about all the punny gifts i’ve given…


One Response to “a work of art?”

  1. Dara 01.29.2011 at 5:16 pm #

    Thanks for sharing. Those friends must be amazing! 🙂

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