candy is dandy

21 Dec

in 2010 i found myself putting two very different candy bars together. the first, at a bat mitzvah, had a very distinct color palette, and standard 8-foot table. i kept it simple, using footed glass vessels, a few choice grosgrain ribbons, and my client’s monogram/logo as stickers for the bags. i took a few things away with me from doing this project, the most interesting being that kids love blue gummy bears. orange twizzlers…not so much.

photo by roey yohai


months later, it was time for another candy bar. this time, a bar mitzvah. instead of a simple candy bar, my client’s vision was a bit grander; she wanted me to recreate the feeling of the lower level of dylan’s candy bar in new york city. this was quite the production: a large plexiglass tray sat atop 6 glo-cubes (we lit them up just before we let the guests attack) from taylor creative, which were rigged onto a wooden dolley so we could wheel it into place after putting enough candy on top of it to rival a sumo wrestler on the scale. the key here was having the same candy on both sides to maximize traffic. oh, and just standing back while it was completely foraged.


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